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We provide innovative workforce solutions to companies of all sizes nationwide to meet the challenges of today’s business environment.

We have the global resources and focus to help companies maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce through our wide array of services and capabilities.

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Manpower Supplier for Construction | Foreign Worker Service Malaysia | Overseas Workers in Malaysia | Foreign Workers Outsource Service

Best Hire- Choose The #1 Manpower Supplier for All Your Recruitment Needs

We specialize in foreign worker recruitment by providing a great Manpower Supplier for Construction service that sources from 15 countries and supplies Malaysia's businesses.

Your success is our top priority, and we are committed to excellence.

Get A One-Stop Shop For Labor-Related Services In Malaysia

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer a comprehensive one-stop Foreign Worker Service Malaysia service for related labor issues such as Fomema Arrangement, Permit Renewal (fourth - eleventh year), air ticketing and more.

As an Overseas Workers in Malaysia agency, we do not charge exorbitant fees like any other agency, but we provide you with convenience and value instead of exorbitant rates. Our colleagues and customer service department can assist you if you have any questions about our services.

Employment Of Workers- Contact Us For Details

Malaysia employs foreign workers in manufacturing, construction, plantations, agriculture, services, and domestic help. This sector consists of eleven subsectors: (restaurants, cleaning services, cargo handling, laundries, caddies in golf clubs, barbers, wholesale and retail, textiles, metal/scrap/recycling activities, welfare homes, hotel and resort islands, and more.

The Foreign Workers Outsource Service, Ministry of Home Affairs, is responsible for processing foreign workers' applications, except for those of foreign domestic helpers, which should be submitted to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Visit the Ministry of Home Affairs website at www.moha.gov.my for more information about hiring foreign workers & Foreign Workers Permit or feel free to speak to us directly for elaborate details.

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