Steps to Hire Top Manpower


Steps to Hire Top Manpower

Are you looking for the right talent in your company? If yes! Then welcome to one of the leading Recruitment Agency In Malaysia!

Best Hire is one of the most trusted and top Malaysia Manpower Supplier that helps you to hire local as well as foreign workers. When it comes to the recruitment of top talent, then no one is better than us.

What is the process of Malaysia Manpower Supplier?

Step 1: Registry in JCS & approval/ Open Interview

Step 2: KDN Interview

Compile documents arrange an interview in Putrajaya & foreign worker headcounts approval

Step 3: Payment of Levy

Pay levy in full within 30 days (validity of KDN approval is 18 months)

Step 4: Demand Letter & Employment Contract

Step 5: Selection of Candidates

Provide biodatas based on demand

Step 6: Calling Visa

Submit to immigration for the selected candidate

Step 7: Oversea Process

The foreign worker is ready to commit to work

Step 8: Arrival in KLIA/KLIA 2

Arrange transport to KLIA/KLIA 2 for airport clearance

Step 9: Fomema

Arrange worker for health check-up

Step 10: PLKA

Endorse permit at the immigration

Step 11: PA 1/13

Follow these steps and get ready to hire the top labor. Contact us for more information!